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Ontario Envirothon
Our Youth are the Future!
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Ontario Envirothon is a program for high school students aimed at increasing their understanding of key environmental concepts in the fields of forestry, soils, wildlife and aquatics. In addition, each year there is a special presentation topic. In 2023, each team will present on the topic "Species at Risk".  

Information and Registration is coordinated through Forests Ontario.

Stewardship Grey Bruce wants to encourage and enthuse our local youth about the environment!

We will help local Envirothon teams by:

  • helping with funds to support your team registration with Forests Ontario;

  • providing you with tools to succeed;

  • and organizing the hands-on Regional GREY BRUCE Competition.

When is the Regional Competition?
Support from Bruce Power

The Grey Bruce Regional Competition date will be in the early half of April and will depend on registrations/interest in our two counties.

Bruce Power recognizes that youth are the leaders of the future! They are supporting the delivery of the Envirothon program in the Grey Bruce area.

Attached are both PDF and PowerPoint resources to share with your class or other teachers at your school.
They may help you develop a game plan to nurture interest in your school.
Learn about Forests Ontario Envirothon.

The Regional iNat Challenges must end and proof of completion must be submitted by Friday April 28th, 2023 in order to to count towards the weighted provincial draw.​
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