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STEWARDSHIP GREY BRUCE  encourages individuals and local groups to be good stewards by planning and managing the natural resources on their land in a responsible manner. We partner with natural resources related community organizations to link landowners with information on best practices, expertise and modest resources for a wide range of environmental initiatives.

Our board members are landowners and representatives of environmental interest groups. We are not-for-profit, volunteer based and community oriented. We operate within Grey and Bruce counties.


Stewardship Grey Bruce exists to create a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community through empowered citizens, natural resources stewardship, and partner collaboration.

Core Values:            

  • Resource sustainability and a healthy environment for present and future generations

  • The need for community collaboration and partnerships

  • The importance of regular communication with partners, the community and government

  • Being open and responsive to local natural resources issues

  • Balancing social and economic values with the natural resource based economy of the counties Grey and Bruce

  • Inviting and maintaining board & committee members that reflect a wide variety of expertise, experience and geographic representation

  • Maintaining a fiscally responsible Stewardship Grey Bruce board through fundraising, training and budget exercises, and bi-annually review this Strategic Plan

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