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Environmental Education

Stewardship Grey Bruce believes that fostering an appreciation for nature and natural resources amongst our youth is one of the best ways to solidify the conservation and protection of our natural resources into the future. As a result, we support various youth opportunities throughout Grey and Bruce counties. 

This event hosts every grade four student in Grey and Bruce counties over a four day period to instil in them the values of water. They are taught the importance of water to life, to ecosystems, why water conservation is important, how to conserve water, how water is treated for human consumption, why wetlands are important on the landscape, how wetlands work and much more.

High school students are enlisted as volunteers to help teach the grade fours and almost all high schools in Grey and Bruce participate. The high school students claim they get as much out of the experience as the grade fours! All 43 activities are ‘hands on’ which leads to a great fun-filled day of learning for all involved. 

This program is modeled after our highly successful water festival. It celebrates our forests and forestry heritage and the importance of each. This program targets grade six children and runs for three days in mid to late October. The first annual event was held in the fall of 2010. Like the water festival all the activities are hands on and geared towards grade six learning and in line with the Bluewater School Board's curriculum. The activities are manned by high school volunteers who also get leadership and educational experience. Some of the many topics covered include forest stewardship, biodiversity, proper forest management, and forest ecology.

 Youth Outdoors EXPO

The organizing committee for the Youth Outdoors Expo believes that children have a keen interest in outdoor activities but need opportunities to be introduced to them in a “hands on” manner. To facilitate this introduction to the “Great Outdoors”, the Youth Outdoors EXPO aims to offer children the opportunity to experience, first-hand, several outdoor activities and instil the values of and appreciation for our natural heritage. This is a full-day event for youths ages 10-17 to partake in a number of outdoor activities including hunting, fishing, environmental science, and nature appreciation. 2006 was the first annual Youth Outdoors day. The event is held at the Sydenham Sportsmen’s Association clubhouse south of Owen Sound from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm on a Saturday in early June. The day is free for the youths and includes a BBQ lunch. Although the day is free, pre-registration is required and spaces are limited. For more information or to register, contact us here.

This annual event highlights the agricultural industry in Grey County. Every year grade 5 students from Grey County learn about the value of County Forests and some of the products they might use that are produced from the forests of Grey and Bruce counties. The event runs for two days in mid-April and is held at the Desboro Community Centre.

This annual event highlights the agricultural industry in Bruce County. For two days, grade 5 and 6 students from throughout Bruce County learn about forest products produced from the forests in Grey and Bruce counties. Stewardship Grey Bruce places an interactive interpretive display at this event which is held in Walkerton.

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