Stewardship Grey Bruce March 15, 2016 A Year in Review 2015 – 2016 

Mandate: Stewardship Grey Bruce exists to create a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community through empowered citizens, natural resources stewardship, and partner collaboration.

Core Values:   

  • Resource sustainability and a healthy environment for present and future generations
  • The need for community collaboration and partnerships
  • Balancing social and economic values with the natural resource based economy of Grey Bruce
  • Being open and responsive to local natural resources issues
  • Inviting and maintaining board & committee members that reflect a wide variety of expertise, experience and geographic representation
  • Maintaining a fiscally responsible Stewardship Grey Bruce board through fundraising, training and budget exercises, and bi-annually review this Strategic Plan
  • The importance of regular communication with partners, the community and government

Activities by Month

March 2015  We assisted with the Bruce Grey Woodlot Conference and had a display which was coordinated by Lee Thurston.

We provided trees and information at the Purple Valley Maple Syrup Festival. This was coordinated by John Black.

  • We agreed to support an ALUS project at Hiview Poultry Farms Ltd owned by Adrian O’opt Hoog. Our support relates to stakes and tree shelters to a maximum of $1,000.

April 2015  Community Foundation Grey Bruce indicated they no longer want to host the Bruce Grey Environment environmental website. Norah Toth met with Barry Randall of the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network and the Community Foundation Grey Bruce to initiate the transfer of this information to their website.

  • Kemble Maple Syrup Festival – in 2015 Norah Toth staffed our display at this event.
  • Roots of Bruce – In 2015 John Black oversaw our involvement in Roots of Bruce. There is a sub-committee that looks after our display in this program. We provided the organizing committee with $500.Grown in Grey – In 2015 Jack Westlake oversaw our involvement in Grown in Grey. We provided the organizing committee with $500.
  • Species at Risk – Piping Plovers – We will be the recipient of a grant from MNRF for the volunteer coordination of the Piping Plover Volunteer Program at Sauble Beach and Oliphant. We set up a bank account for this project. The first Piping Plover was sighted at Sauble Beach on April 29. A Piping Plover Committee was set up which includes: Norah Toth, Cheryl Ferguson, Aubrey Ferguson, Lynne Richardson and Craig Todd. Interviews for the Contractor for the Piping Plover Volunteer Coordinator were carried out. We are awaiting confirmation of funding. Faye Bender was our Contractor in 2015.

May 2015  Envirothon – In 2015 – 2016 we received money for Envirothon from Bruce Power ($1500). Craig Todd of MNRF maintains the lead for this program and SGB serves as the Banker. We are also able to provide volunteers to help with the event.

  • Piping Plover Committee – Press coverage has been very positive. Good interaction has occurred with the Amabel-Sauble Public School. Have Plover Lovers coffee available. Website developed, logo determined. Craig Todd withdrew from the committee and Catherine Dickison appointed as Treasurer.
  • Jo-Anne Harbinson attended the Community Foundation Grey Bruce funders recognition event and received a cheque from CF GB for interest from the Stewardship Grey Bruce Endowed Fund.
  •  2015 Piping Plover Chick in Florida

June 2015  Youth Expo – Jo-Anne Harbinson was the registration contact, she assisted with the delivery of the day and Norah Toth did a workshop about birding for the Youth Expo. We supported the Youth Expo to u tune of $300 in 2015.

Greening Your Grounds workshop planning is slow and may take a while to finalize and present.

September 2015  Butternut Seed had been held at the Angus Seed Plant for the former Bruce Resource Stewardship Network. These 726 seeds were picked up and made available to appropriate organizations for growing. 

October 2015   Greening your Grounds workshop preparation and planning is being coordinated by John Black, Jo-Anne Harbinson and Ron Stewart.

  • We placed a label with the SGB logo on the inside cover to the book The Living Edge. They were provided to appropriate agencies and individuals.
  • Ron Stewart had made a number of Bluebird nesting boxes for Bruce Power and has donated a portion of his profits to SGB as per his agreement with Bruce Power.
  • The final and only report for the Piping Plover SAR project was submitted.
  • Catherine Dickison is representing us on the new Friends of Saugeen.
  • Purchase of the Pollinator in Ontario was approved.
  • Strategic Thinking sessions concerning soils and forestry were initiated.

November 2015  Norah Toth and Jo-Anne Harbinson attended a “sustainability conversation” hosted by the Bruce Grey Sustainability Network.

  • Kevin Predon and John Black have begun a process to develop Forestry and Soils fact sheets.

January 2016  Grey Bruce Farmers Week, Ecological Day attended by Catherine Dickison and Pat Kuntz. A temporary display was developed by Jo-Anne Harbinson for this event. 

February 2016  There is a need to look into grants that will provide us with staff support. Trillium will be discussed.

  • Pat Kuntz attended a recognition activity at the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority office for our donation to the Lockerby Dam project.
  • Christy Hempel presented to us concerning the funding of a design manual which could be used to demonstrate stewardship on the landscape. The concept is good; however, we decided not to align with her on an OCEF funding application
  • Completion of the Adrian O’Opt Hoog ALUS project has led to the approval of $885 to be provided to ALUS related to stakes and tree shelters. This will be paid through monies held for us in the Trees for Streams account by the Sydenham Conservation Foundation..


Message from Chair

Stewardship Grey Bruce offers tools and resources to help landowners practice effective stewardship on the land; we support good stewardship ideas as they become great projects and partner, when possible, with like-minded organizations.

Our Board membership consists of representatives of various agencies as well as individuals who value the resource and wish to make a difference. We welcome inquiries from members of the community who are interested in serving on committees within our organization.

Good stewardship starts with one small step. What we do in our own backyards to preserve biodiversity and protect the environment can help address global challenges such as climate change, declining air and water quality and loss of biodiversity around the globe.

Stewardship makes a difference!

For further information contact Norah Toth, Chair at 


“Thank You” to our supporters:

  • Grey Sauble Conservation Authority
  • Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority
  • Bruce Power
  • Community Foundation Grey Bruce
  • Sydenham Conservation Foundation
  • Bruce County
  • Grey County
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
  • Bruce Grey Woodlands Association